Powerful and customizable:
Discover the versatile functions of our Odoo hosting

Data replication in real time

Seamless replication of all your data in real time, so there is no data loss.

Development environment

Create staging servers to conveniently test new functions with your own data.

Reliable backup system

Secure your data with daily incremental backups stored on three separate servers.

Data sovereignty

Maintain control over storage location, encryption and access to your data.

Customized firewall

Customizable firewall settings for the specific configuration of your Odoo system.

VPN tunneling and IP access control

An encrypted connection enables reliable and protected use.

Automated checks

Experience instant deployment and testing of every code commit.

Secure shell access (SSH)

Enjoy convenient shell access to your development, staging and production containers.

Complete Github integration

Automated integration and revision of your Github source code in Odoo.

24/7 monitoring

You can rest assured that your Odoo servers are monitored and maintained around the clock.

Full control over the infrastructure

All aspects of your infrastructure can be customized according to your needs.

3rd party applications

Business processes can be expanded and optimized according to individual business requirements.

OPaaS in comparison

Services & Functions



Staging- und Backup-Server

SSH access

DNS & Routes

E-Mail Gateways


Github Integration

Third-party applications

Full control over the infrastructure

VPN tunneling and IP access control

Customized firewall

Odoo Community

Hosting in Germany

Archive Systems

Kompatibel mit allen Odoo Versionen

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