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Minimized effort for you, comprehensive technical support from us


Optimal security measures to protect data from threats


Seamless and automated scaling - ideal for any size of company

OPaaS in comparison


Odoo Online


Quick and easy setup

Automatic Backups

Email Gateways

Odoo certified Apps

24/7 Monitoring

Third party applications

Integrated developer and system admin tools

SSH access

DNS & Routes

Staging & Backup Server

Github Integration

Hosting in North America, Europe or Germany

GDPR compliant

Compatible with all Odoo versions - no upgrades needed

Full control over infrastructure

VPN tunneling and IP access control

Customer-specific Firewall

Odoo Community

Archive systems

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For companies that depend on reliable hosting, performance bottlenecks, complex server management, time-consuming manual customization, security risks and scalability issues are ever-present obstacles. These challenges can impact efficiency, tie up resources and inhibit growth.

This is exactly where OPaaS comes in. OPaaS offers a comprehensive solution in Odoo Cloud hosting that combines the various options and also offers exclusive benefits. With OPaaS Cloud, you get a complete installation that meets all requirements and optimized server structures for maximum performance. Our Odoo Cloud hosting experts provide outstanding support and ensure maximum flexibility as well as strict data protection and security standards. Our platform allows you to avoid performance issues, make server management more efficient and eliminate security concerns. This allows you to focus on the growth and success of your business without being held back by the limitations of traditional hosting solutions.

The all-round package
from OPaaS

OPaaS is cloud-based and offers a complete all-round package with all services and functions. It meets the highest security standards and has server locations in North America, Europe and Germany, making it ideal for GDPR-compliant hosting in accordance with European and German data protection standards. Full compatibility with all Odoo versions means no upgrades are required. A user-friendly interface makes it easy to use, while you retain full control over the infrastructure and can benefit from a customized firewall and flexible pricing.

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International Cloud Hosting

Seamless Odoo hosting for international presence and success

Thanks to our global presence, we can host your Odoo instances in different regions to ensure optimal performance and low latency for users worldwide. Regardless of the size of your business - be it an emerging start-up or an established company serving global markets - our Odoo hosting cloud flexibly adapts to your needs and supports your growth.


Odoo Hosting refers to the deployment and management of Odoo applications in a cloud environment. This cloud solution enables companies to operate their Odoo instances efficiently and reliably by offering flexibility, scalability and security.

OPaas offers the flexibility, scalability and security you need to successfully scale your business and expand globally. Our cloud platform is specifically designed to run Odoo applications efficiently, allowing you to focus on your core business.

We attach great importance to the security of your data. With shell access, daily incremental backups and real-time data replication, we ensure that your data is protected. You retain control over the storage location, encryption and access to your data.

Yes, your Odoo instances can be hosted in different geographical regions. This ensures optimal performance and minimal latency for your users worldwide, regardless of the size of your organization.

Yes, our Odoo hosting cloud offers full Github integration. This means that your Github source code is automatically integrated and checked to ensure a seamless development environment.

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