Welcome to OPaaS

OPaaS is an Odoo cloud hosting solution that focuses on meeting individual customer requirements, expanding the market with its offering and complementing the limitations of other hosting providers.

Odoo Hosting

​The future of Odoo hosting

We offer a world-class solution for your Odoo hosting, enabling you to scale your business and successfully expand globally. Our cloud platform has been specifically designed to give you the flexibility, scalability and security you need to run your Odoo applications efficiently and reliably.

Our foundation is based on the desire for more independence and an understanding of the specific challenges faced by large companies in particular. Long loading times and inadequate security standards were problem areas that needed to be overcome. OPaaS was created to remove these obstacles and provide our customers with an optimal hosting environment for their Odoo applications.

Our team combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of our customers' requirements to provide customized solutions. Fast load times, robust security standards and a reliable infrastructure are our standard.